It’s a beautiful day in Monterey! I’m heading over to the California Main Street Conference to make a presentation on Street Fairs! Can’t wait to share more about how to build community and raise money through street fairs planning and production. Street fairs raise visibility and awareness, literally putting your […]

California Main Street Conference 2017

Feb 1 is the first night of the Portland Winter Light Festival that I am helping to organize. It is only the second year of the Light Festival and I think many people don’t know about this amazing event yet! In one week the Portland Winter Light Festival will be returning […]

New Event – Portland Winter Light Festival

Grey days, bright nights… celebrate a Portland’s premiere light festival by sparkling, inside and out! The Portland Winter Light Festival warmly invites everyone to attend as a participant — come on down decked out in your finest lighted hats, glowing gloves, and other cozy clothes — and show off your shine! […]

Portland Winter Light Festival shines

Making the most of my visit home for the holidays with meetings, promotions committees and facilitated discussions. Check the whole schedule here: BAM Calendar Day Date Contact Org Location Town Thurs 8-Dec Catherine Green NB Chamber of Commerce Biggy Coffee New Baltimore Fri 9-Dec Carolyn Cassin Michigan Women’s Foundation, Carolyn Cassin […]

BAM Detroit Ec Dev Tour

Last week, a street fair friend and I attended the Oregon Main Street Evening of Excellence Celebration in Astoria, OR. We wanted to catch up with new and old friends to see what the Oregon Main Street communities were up to this year. It was a clear day and a beautiful drive drive […]

Main Street Best Special Event winner uses Street Fair guidebook

Main Street event marketing in a nutshell
I know why writing is hard. Tim Urban talks about his difficulty in writing, in his blog post about procrastinators, Wait But Why. You can find a myriad of other reasons that writers don’t write all over the internet, also providing another reason not to write, like how to break the writer’s block, […]

Why Writing is Hard