Deb Field, owner of Paper Jam Press, tells it like it is for a small business here in her first blog of the year, 3 Reasons to Support Small Business, and 3 Ways to Do it Better, Supporting small business through: Jobs – duh! It is work anyway, and […]

Support small business by making connections

Easy SWAG bags make great gifts
One of THE best ways to create successful place-making events is by looking closely at an old event and being honest with yourself about it’s success (or failure). Known as event evaluations, every planning group must look at the time and energy it takes to plan, market and produce an […]

Event Evaluation Review Makes Planning Stress-Free

Sweet Smart & Seriously Good Looking holiday pets
Hawthorne Holiday Stroll How many times have you heard, “Everyone loves a parade”? I pay attention to these things, and I can assure you that the parade is a beloved tradition by people and their pets. In a time honored tradition, the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association and area retailers partnered […]

Holiday Tree Lighting Promo: Pup Parade Draws People

Greet event attendees with smiles
The big box retailer and mail order behemoth can’t compete with small businesses owners who hosts meaningful experiences that support and promote local events. Whether events are cause-related for a nonprofit, seasonal recognition or just plain fun, hosting events that create experiences in the minds and memories of participants are […]

Main Street Communities Low Cost, Big Impact with Experience Marketing©

Statistics prove that increasing outreach, offering incentives and promoting access are catalysts for positive change. Through a pilot program, the City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation made a small investment in order to increase the number of block party permits in underused areas. Block parties are a simple way to […]

PBOT News Blog: Portland in the Streets: Creating community through ...

Every organizer worth their salt learns by evaluating their work after and event. We ask ourselves what went right or wrong and what could be done better in the future. Comprehensive evaluations include interviews or questionnaires by organizers, venders, sponsors or partners but rarely does an event committee hear from […]

Community Event Evaluation Opportunity