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Rev Nat’s Annual Hopped Cider tasting event draws publicity in Portland, OR that many of us look forward to every year. I am so loving this crisp, acidic cider, that I would go to this festival by myself, every year, year after year. It’s a pleasure to go to a business […]

Beverage Tasting Event Draws Publicity, Sales & Goodwill

ready to run for fun from Base Camp Brewing
I dropped by one of the coolest breweries in Portland, OR, they other day because they were hosting a running club promotion. At least that what I thought. Turns out, the running club was organizing a monthly running activity. They picked a place with great beer that happened to on […]

Runners Love Simple Run Promotion

Spring Break Sales Event
Spring Break sale events are perfect for small businesses that cater to families and those benefiting from a regularly scheduled vacation. The manager of Bridge City Comics knows this from being in business for many years. Excess product can offer opportunity to get your name out there during a time when […]

Easy Spring Break Sale Events Promotion

Fly with Puma leggings
Take advantage of what is happening in the news and leverage coverage through hashtags and social media memes. Pay attention to the news, your local neighborhood events, city, national or even  world events. Make fun, build community and profit by what’s going on in your world! I love the sale on leggings by […]

Savvy Businesses Jump On Social Media Memes

Business represent the EPCC
Despite the bad rap 82nd Avenue continues to get from City organizers, there really is a fantastic event coming up soon on the Avenue. Check out the 11th Annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade on Saturday, April 29th. Organized by the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association, last year’s parade featured over […]

82nd Avenue of Roses Parade pulls people into East Portland

Fundraiser at 10 Barrel Brewing
Last night, my husband and I searched for the place that we read about in our local event weekly, The Portland Mercury. Listed as a “feature pick,” this event promotion cost the host, 10 Barrel Brewing, no advertising dollars and it filled the house on an otherwise normal Tuesday evening in Portland, […]

Non profit fundraisers fill the house and gain word of ...