Easy Spring Break Sale Events Promotion

comics on sale

Comics draw customers of all ages during Spring Break

Spring Break sale events are perfect for small businesses that cater to families and those benefiting from a regularly scheduled vacation. The manager of Bridge City Comics knows this from being in business for many years. Excess product can offer opportunity to get your name out there during a time when people may be looking for something to do. Especially when kids have free time, parents are always looking for engaging activities.

And just because you have one target market (like kids) doesn’t mean the rest of your customers aren’t going to love a sales event!



Tell your story

Evnet aggregators like Evensi look for promotions during Holiday calendar dates

easy to read signs

Post sale signs on aisles and end caps

Get free media coverage from online event aggregators by posting regularly on social media and local event calendars. Timing your sales events to coincide with existing breaks, holidays or expected promotions makes it easy for media to cover your business.

comics on sale

Spring Break sale items grouped for easy shopping. The secret to having a sales event that doesn’t involve much work is keeping everything simple, repetitive and consistent promotions. Use the same signs at entries, on end caps, aisles and items for sale.


Whether you only use Facebook or post all over the net, keep it up and keep it the same for branding purposes. In store promos can be black & white but simple say to find sale items are what is going to get attention!

Consistent messaging brands sale events

Facebook post for Spring Break Sale at Bridge City Comics

Share sales news on Twitter

Twitter post for Bridge City Comics Spring Break sale


Sales on Instagram get recognized

Bridge City Comics promotes sale event on Instagram










No slapdash signs! If you plan to post signs on your door, invest in a little low-cost hardware, like suction cups, and hang signs.

suction cups instead of tape

Don’t tape flyers to entry doors

Easy to make flyers stand out by hanging, not taping, to storefront windows

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