Shared Promotion Synergy Promotes Individual Businesses Together

A simple way to reach new customers is by getting involved in a shared promotion. Your business will strengthen community connections while developing a reputation for innovated products and services. Save time, money and resources by collaborating with other businesses in your field or neighborhood. A spirited event that combines individual expertise and special qualities will create an unforgettable experience rather than just another marketing activity. You will also increase exposure to your business throughout the planning process and likely have more fun in the process!

A useful example to invite people to a special event for those planning a wedding

The Wedding Collective and Opal 28 invitation to a shared promotional event

Paperjam Press, a fantastic digital print and design company, posted an invitation on Townsquared on 8/13/17 for her wedding clientele. The Wedding Collective is a group that comes together to make their everyday products or services more exciting and available to each other’s customers.

I use their invitation here to demonstrate 10 tips to make a simple promotional event into an experience that creates long-term customers and what every business wants – sales!


Here are 10 tips to make a successful shared promotion in event marketing:

#1        Create an event invitation with full color photos that will draw eyes, shows what’s happening and allows recipients to visualize themselves at the event.

#2        Partner with like-minded businesses that create synergy and leverage customer bases.

# 3       Partner with venues, entertainment and service providers to keep costs in check.

# 4       Serve thematic refreshments include specialty drinks that invite imbibing. Provide a no-host bar to reduce expenses but allow for relaxation.

# 5       Make it easy to get there. Give clear directions to venue and include parking instructions preferably providing complimentary parking when possible.

#6        Add call to action. Collect reservations straight from the invitation. If your invitation is download-able, make sure the link remains live or write out the URL in the invitation so guests can easily rsvp.

#7        Offer an incentive to make reservations early. The sooner you know how many people will be in attendance, allows for more planning time.

#8        Promote giveaways and prizes to entice guests.

#9        Bring in as many partners as possible for your venue. More business involvement means more sharing of customer lists. Clarify details so partners are comfortable working together and individual tasks are clearly defined to ensure no hard feelings and maximum success!

#10      Feature special presenters to make the special event an experience to remember.



About Bridget Bayer

Bridget Bayer is an author and community organizer working to create vibrant main street business districts that support local economies. Bridget believes shared activities are a catalyst for positive change. Her professional work fosters community involvement by creating shared events that enhance communication, develop shared interests and support existing and start-up non-profit organizations. At home, Bridget focuses on innovative ecological practices, hates waste and dependably finds ways to eliminate it. After 25 years in the restaurant industry, she still loves to cook especially with locally sourced veggies including those homegrown from her garden. Bridget, the first mate on Ama Natura, lives on a floating home on the Columbia River in Portland with Peter Wilcox, instigator of the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project, and the lovely Luna, her favorite cat.