Restaurants Host Networking Meetings and Get Free Exposure

No Fuss Business Promotion: Invite local networking groups to take advantage of your restaurant, bar or cafe before opening. This is a simple, no-brainer promotion that can be easily implemented, especially if you own a restaurant. Local networking group, Networking With Results International – Vancouver meets at Warehouse 23, a new restaurant in Vancouver, WA.


 business card change

Ice breaker introduces others

Planning: AS a restaurateur, connecting to local networking groups is easy, a member usually walks through your door. If not, groups can be found online. In my town, Portland, OR there are easily 100 meetings daily, most involving a business, going on anywhere, at anytime. Fill out the contact form online or send an email or just attend a regularly scheduled meeting and introduce yourself, Invite the group to meet at your business next. Confirm one contact person to arrange logistical details for entry, parking, heat, lights or other to make other arrangements.

Networking meeting

Business card exchange


business marketing secretsMake sure to attend the networking meeting, at least once, and introduce yourself to these valuable word-of-mouth marketers for your business.


Production: Allow them access to your space 1 to 2 hours before your regular opening time. If the group doesn’t provide it, you may have to put up a sign on the door directing them to best entry. It’s not necessary, but you could go all out by providing coffee or even pastries for the group. Free coffee, especially in the morning, engendered supporting goodwill in a very short time!

business marketing secrets

Build Community

That’s it! The club or networking group does the rest. they promote your business online, at other meetings and functions and to other new businesses they encounter. By hosting the group you have the taken the first step toward building a stronger community around your business.

Enjoy the free marketing exposure!

Show interest

Funny & familiar introductions

powerful topics draw

Interesting speakers attract networkers

Business cards

Ask for action from listeners

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