Ping pong, desk beers, and employee benefits – Stevie Buckley – Medium

Small business or large take note of the tips by Stevie Buckley

“‘cool’ perks are actively harming your business”

“a drinking culture can be incredibly effective at excluding a large number of people”

“demand for flexible working (choose your own hours, working from home, etc) and it will continue to grow”

“‘grown up’ benefits like pensions, private healthcare” are actually in demand again!

Source: Ping pong, desk beers, and employee benefits – Stevie Buckley – Medium

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Bridget Bayer is an author and community organizer working to create vibrant main street business districts that support local economies. Bridget believes shared activities are a catalyst for positive change. Her professional work fosters community involvement by creating shared events that enhance communication, develop shared interests and support existing and start-up non-profit organizations. At home, Bridget focuses on innovative ecological practices, hates waste and dependably finds ways to eliminate it. After 25 years in the restaurant industry, she still loves to cook especially with locally sourced veggies including those homegrown from her garden. Bridget, the first mate on Ama Natura, lives on a floating home on the Columbia River in Portland with Peter Wilcox, instigator of the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project, and the lovely Luna, her favorite cat.