Event Planning Production Checklist

Event planning begins and ends with a checklist. Checklists are invaluable for event organizers, especially those that include dates, deadlines and volunteer tasks. There are resources available on the web that help organizers plan just about any kind of event. Attached here is a production checklist, or as I call it a Production T & T (Timeline & Task list).

Production is the end game of your event. For example, it might take a volunteer planning committee 6-8 months to plan and organize a large Street Fair. When it comes to actually putting your plans into action, rely on a production schedule to get people safely on the street, in the right places, at the right time.

An event production book, or itinerary, lists all people, times, and infrastructure plans for Street Fair day. It includes organizers and neighborhood contacts, map, schedule and protocols, or agreed-upon procedures to make management easy-to-follow for volunteers.

The production book can be simple lined paper in a 3-ring binder or printed pages stapled together. Any way you do it, compile information and make multiple copies to give to key volunteers, supervisors and contractors as well as interested business or property owners in your area.



  • Site Map
  • Event Contacts
  • Neighborhood Contacts
  • Agency Responsibilities


  • Hours and Operations
  • Event Schedule


  • Vendor Protocols
  • Vendor SetUp


  • Check-in
  • Volunteer Packet
  • Break Area


  • Performance Schedule
  • Performer Protocols


  • Saproduction bookfety Teams
  • Security Agencies
  • Areas of Responsibilities


  • Toilets
  • Rest Stops
  • Waste Management
  • ATMs


  • Street Closure Plan
  • Sign & Flagging Protocols
  • Reopen Plan

Links: Production Book Sample available in Street Fair Guide templates.

Attached: Sample Street Fair Checklist T&T (Timeline and Task list) – Sample checklist for a medium-size street fair.

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About Bridget Bayer

Bridget Bayer is an author and community organizer working to create vibrant main street business districts that support local economies. Bridget believes shared activities are a catalyst for positive change. Her professional work fosters community involvement by creating shared events that enhance communication, develop shared interests and support existing and start-up non-profit organizations. At home, Bridget focuses on innovative ecological practices, hates waste and dependably finds ways to eliminate it. After 25 years in the restaurant industry, she still loves to cook especially with locally sourced veggies including those homegrown from her garden. Bridget, the first mate on Ama Natura, lives on a floating home on the Columbia River in Portland with Peter Wilcox, instigator of the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project, and the lovely Luna, her favorite cat.