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Rev Nat’s Annual Hopped Cider tasting event draws publicity in Portland, OR that many of us look forward to every year. I am so loving this crisp, acidic cider, that I would go to this festival by myself, every year, year after year. It’s a pleasure to go to a business promotional event managed by a super staff who know how to make it a memorable experience. This cider tasting event builds community and makes profit easily while having a great time!

friends are your best customers

Friends make it fun!

Build community by inviting guest cider producers. This not only stimulates attendance in rare ciders but increases outreach about the event because each one of these ciders invites their customers to the event. Exclusive products increase interest in this type of beverage while drawing aficionados that want to expand their knowledge and tastebuds.

4th Annual Hopped Cider Festival Guest taps 

Guest Tap producers offer exclusive festival offerings: (exclusive means customers can only get them at the event).

Invite local chefs & create community

Do what you do best • outsource the rest

Inviting local nonprofits and pros that offer services, ie. food builds community while offering delicious treats at events. Rev Nat’s know what goes well with cider. They participate in tastings, cider-pairing dinners and events throughout the globe now. While Rose City’s Chicken & Waffles goes with just about any delicious cool beverage, it is especially wonderful paired with Hallejulah Hopricot, also on sale that day.

Today Only incentivizes sales

Always offer an item on sale at in store events

Neighbor tables build community

Local nonprofit gets recognized

The Community Cycling Center, set up a table at the entrance to the taproom, welcomed people all day with a low-key message about their organization. Information was displayed but not pushed on anyone.


Good signs make purchases clear

Gregarious Greeters show put best smiles forward

Signs and menus promote and let attendees know what’s happening,

Event menu highlighting deals

Event promo menu

where,and when. Being welcomed by smiling faces at the ticket and commemorate glasses  makes for easy sales. Rev Nat’s paid attention to event flow by situating this table just inside the main roll up door, but past the Community Cycling Center table, in case a line forms, people wouldn’t block the door. Those who may have waited a little bit got to look through the Cycling Center materials.

messy counters create confusion

Clear space for event attendees

Flow is so important at events. Rev Nat’s moved all their equipment out of their warehouse and invited festival

Big banners draw attention

Maximize choices at event to keep people longer

attendees right into their workspace. They also rented a large tent, jockey boxes, porto-potties, street closure signs and t-shirt security folks that allowed the event to expand into the street making it feel more like a festival! Even though this event was held at Rev Nat’s Taproom, the expanded layout and guest taps showcased cider from all over the region.

With 27 cider choices on tap plus 5 special releases at timed intervals, a cider-lover didn’t have any choice but to imbibe with a fellow DD (designated driver), cab or Lyft it home. Staff on hand helped festival attendees get home safely!

I found out about the Hopped Cider Festival on evensi but it was listed on PDXPipeline, KGW NW television, Brew Public, Hoplandia, Portland Mercury, Cider Monger, Heritage Radio Network, NW Cider Association, Untapped,

Rev Nat’s showed great social media success on Youtube channelInstagramFB poststwitter posts.

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