Volunteer development starts at home. Finding, and keeping, great volunteers takes great communicaiton skills. Listening is the key.

It’s a beautiful day in Monterey! I’m heading over to the California Main Street Conference to make a presentation on Street Fairs! Can’t wait to share more about how to build community and raise money through street fairs planning and production. Street fairs raise visibility and awareness, literally putting your […]

California Main Street Conference 2017

Fundraising makes a hard job of paying for a festival, easier. Learn to manage quality sponsorship programs, donations, sales, and raffles among other ideas by seeking support form partners, stakeholders, volunteers and community groups in your area. Consider the assets of your community before deciding on one or possibly two […]

Event Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes the best candidates who serve as event coordinators are those who do promotional events for their own business. They naturally want their business district to gain attention. A coordinator should have enthusiasm for events and people. Event coordinators lead volunteer planning committees by engaging their community. A strong personality, […]

Volunteer Event Coordinators Engage with Community

Event Volunteer Info
BAM Talk Event Volunteers Presentation   BAM Talks: Learn how to make connections so people will want to volunteer at your events. Coordinating event volunteers made easy. Event planning checklists for volunteer messaging. Thursday, May 26 6:00 – 7:00pm at Bridges Cafe & Catering 2716 NE M.L.K. Jr. Blvd., Portland, […]

Making Connections with Event Volunteers