The glorious art of raising money for good causes. Learn about successful campaigns, startegies and tactics to fundraise at events.

fundraising at street fair
You’ve got a great street fair, now how do you find the profit centers inherent in event promotions. Street Fairs can be a catalyst for terrific fundraisers. Community assets create options. Fundraising starts by considering the assets of your community. To find the best option, try multiple approaches based on who, or what, […]

Fundraising Street Fair Profit Centers

It’s a beautiful day in Monterey! I’m heading over to the California Main Street Conference to make a presentation on Street Fairs! Can’t wait to share more about how to build community and raise money through street fairs planning and production. Street fairs raise visibility and awareness, literally putting your […]

California Main Street Conference 2017

treet vendors are reliable profit centers at festivals
Sustainability is not just a buzz-word for small business. Sustainable businesses focus on a triple bottom line of profitably in social, equity, and environmental capital in addition to monetary profits. Creating social capital is easy for those on a main street, in a business district or commercial center by getting […]

Social Capital Profits Are More Than Cash

Fundraising makes a hard job of paying for a festival, easier. Learn to manage quality sponsorship programs, donations, sales, and raffles among other ideas by seeking support form partners, stakeholders, volunteers and community groups in your area. Consider the assets of your community before deciding on one or possibly two […]

Event Fundraising Ideas

Banks are natural event sponsors
Sponsor Talk Presentation Slides Bridget Bayer’s presentation on April 14, 2016 at Mississippi Pizza Pub focused on recruiting sponsors, securing involvement and on the low cost promotional strategies that maximize their return on investment (ROI). The presentation materials gave steps to creating a successful sponsorship program for an event. List Creation Recruitment Engagement Retention Benefits Exposure […]

Sponsor Talk Meet and Keep Event Sponsors