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Willamette Valley arts community learns about how to throw their own events Joel Zak interviews BAM founder and author of Street Fairs for Community and Profit live on community radio KMUZ 100.7 & 88.5 Talking About Art program broadcast in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.







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Venture Portland at 30

Venture Portland at 30
Created on Friday, 12 February 2016 00:00 | Written by Joseph Gallivant |

If you’ve ever been to a street fair in Portland or just admired the hanging flower baskets on your local neighborhood shopping strip, you’ve looked on the work of Venture Portland ……..

Also in the street fair business is Bridget Bayer, who has a how-to book out called “Street Fairs for Community and Profit.”

“The book is about how events can help build community, it’s really for business associations,” Bayer said. She was there with her friend Nancy Chapin, who staffed the old APNBA from 1991 to 2005 when it had a tiny budget. (It now has four full time staff.)

“The APNBA wouldn’t be anywhere without Nancy, she did 10 times the work she was paid for for 14 years,” said Bayer, enjoying the birthday.

… adds Bayer. “The big bucks are in relationships,” she clarifies. “There’s a huge effort of reaching out to volunteers, how to be a treasurer or a volunteer.”



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Bayer’s book is colorfully illustrated both with photos from street fairs, but more importantly, with easy-to-understand plans, graphs and charts.

Street Fair Stories” throughout the book give real-life examples that will help an event planner.

Read and heed the advice Bayer provides; it’s based on experience.

Time planning
Unless you’ve sent up and run a major event, most people underestimate the amount of time the committee and its members will spend. Bayer provides a table that gives a good starting estimate for preparing a “time budget”.

If you’re not willing to put in the time, or can find other partners with a strong enough belief in your vision, take her advice; you may want to opt for a smaller scaled event.

Financial proforma
For those starting out, the sample budget page will give the planner a good ideas of the categories of income and expenses from which to start.

Bayer provides a full menu of time-tested activities. Also, this section spells out how to balance the number of vendors with entertainment and food options.

No matter how well planned an event may be, Bayer shows how, and why, advertising promotion – across all media – is critically important to success.

Event Production
For anyone who hasn’t been involved in creating a public event, this chapter is worth twice the price of the book. Bayer provides the wide range of details to which leaders must address, in an easy-to-understand format.


Street Fairs for Community and Profit

Bayer’s book is a must have for community event planners. This delightfully written book covers every aspect of planning a street fair or community event from start to finish. Everything from volunteers and time planning to fundraising and promotion is explained in easy-to-understand language, graphs and charts. Bayer’s “Street Fair Stories” throughout the book give real-life examples that will help an event planner during all phases of event planning.

The templates Bayer offers with the book are worth more than the price of the book itself. Sample budgets, outlines, email announcements, sponsor letters, and volunteer packets are but a fraction of the templates available to guide event planners through the process.

Those new to street fair planning, as well as experienced planners, will experience tremendous benefit from Street Fairs for Community and Profit.


With great research and experience, Bridget managed to share the core, the most important things we should know about community events. Well done Bridget!