Street Fair Guide
The City of Portland has a lot on its plate right now with housing shortages, homelessness increasing and developing a smart Comprehensive Plan. According to the Oregonian, the City of Portland also has a serious lack of police manpower, (PORTLAND POLICE WON’T STAFF NEW EVENTS FOR 2016, LEAVING CITY’S BIG […]

How to Have Safe Community Events Without Police

Celebrate Our City
Who started the organization 30years ago? Why did business people get together in the first place? What change happened throughout the years? Where are the business districts going now? How did 30 years go by so quickly anyway? What is Celebrate Our City all about? The Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Associations, known as […]

Hey Portland – Celebrate Our City

Meetings are an integral part of the process of event planning. They are also the basic building blocks for a cohesive community. Differences are inherent to community building. Sometimes, it takes conflict to be the catalyst for change. Meetings can be a great time to connect with others, catch up on […]

People Come with Personalities

Jason Zwick
Sponsorship outreach starts now Sponsor programs are usually successful when there are many retail and service businesses in a district. They may want to show support for community events or simply take advantage of the opportunity to advertise their business. It is easy to promise to reach out to potential sponsors but  time […]

January is sponsor outreach month

ReBuilding Center tree
Street Fairs are one way to bring business community members together, so is buying empty lots and filling vacant spaces with needed goods and services. Seems impossible, but the key to any of these efforts is in working together! “Looks like a street fair, but with a bigger plan…” These Neighbors […]

Group Action

DC Tribune Holiday Ad 2015
Division Clinton’s 2015 Holiday Happenings shared promotion’s key to success was in securing a partner with a major print publication. The Portland Tribune came on board as partner, sponsoring a portion of the advertising costs and more importantly, helping to get businesses to participate. A Survey Monkey was sent 3 […]

Key to Successful Holiday Shared Promotions