Draw people to street vendor booths with activity
Street Fairs are a valuable summertime promotion by many businesses that are situated within or adjacent to an event. Owners can experience record sales on event day and use it to build their customer bases. All businesses can increase awareness for their products and services as a result of the […]

Main Street Businesses Take Advantage of Summertime Events

Food vendors are in demand at Street Fairs
Street fairs feature colorful, generally local vendors, as well as entertaining activities that provide a tantalizing glimpse of experiences yet to be discovered in the area. Attendees expect to see street vendors at Street Fairs. The trick is making their presence an added benefit because the fees that vendors pay […]

Curating Street Fair Vendors

Businesses plan their own community economic development
Businesses that have in common a geographic location can work collectively to create a place that is recognizable, marketable and attractive to new customers. Many business associations and groups that organize around a neighborhood focus on branding and creative marketing. They work to establish a distinct “place” known by a specific […]

Case For Business Community Economic Development

Rent bounce houses for fun kids play activities
A good street fair layout will take advantage of significant locations already within your area. Select spaces for activities by looking for positive characteristics that make people want to be there. For example, a children’s area is good next to grassy spot. Shady spots invite seating. When designing your layout, […]

Top 8 Street Fair Event Layout Planning Tips

Packed streets at Mississippi Street Fair 2012
Sustainability is not just a buzz-word for small business. Sustainable businesses focus on a triple bottom line of profitably in social, equity, and environmental capital in addition to monetary profits. Creating social capital is easy for those on a main street, in a business district or commercial center by getting […]

Social Capital Profits Are More Than Cash

Dress up in costumes to draw people to fundraising sales booth
Fundraising makes a hard job of paying for a festival, easier. Learn to manage quality sponsorship programs, donations, sales, and raffles among other ideas by seeking support form partners, stakeholders, volunteers and community groups in your area. Consider the assets of your community before deciding on one or possibly two […]

Event Fundraising Ideas